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Adel Abdessemed

The Algerian conceptual artist Adel Abdessemed’s artworks address social taboos, including war, violence, and religion.

Adel Abdessemed (born 1971) is an Algerian conceptual artist. He creates situations based on "acts” carried out on everyday materials, which are then filmed or photographed to create sculptural objects. His oeuvre is characterised by brutal imagery that attempts to depict the inherent violence of the contemporary world. His works often deal with the themes of war, violence, and religion.

"When I make a line I make it like a scalpel. Drawings like cuts" —Adel Abdessemed

Adel Abdessemed has exhibited his work all over the world. He has had exhibitions at numerous major institutions and festivals including Venice Biennale, MAMCO, Geneva, MIT, Cambridge, PS1, New York, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris and many others.

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