Georg Baselitz

Hirte signature - Georg Baselitz

Counting among his influences Art Brut, Art Informel and Abstract Expressionism, his work is characterized by expressionistic mark-making combined with an unrefined, grotesque depiction. Baselitz rejects strict abstraction in favor of recognizable subject matter, employing a raw style able to convey direct emotions and returning the human figure to a central position in painting.

"I was born into a destroyed order, a destroyed landscape, a destroyed people, a destroyed society. I was forced to question everything."—GEORG BASELITZ

In his works, whether presented in the form of a painting, drawing, printmaking or monumental wood sculpture, Baselitz often addresses issues related to German national identity post-World War II. The concept of destruction plays a significant role in his oeuvre: by breaking common conventions of perception, Baselitz was able to turn personal circumstances into guiding artistic principles.