Renate Bertlmann

Bertlmann_signature - Renate Bertlmann

Born in Vienna in 1943, Bertlmann is an Austrian feminist avant-garde artist, living and working in Vienna. She has worked in a variety of media: collages, drawings, photographs, photo-films, performances and objects. The fil rouge of her work is the ambivalence of the feminine and masculine relationship, pursuing, often also with humor, an interrogation on gender relations.

"My main interest became the phenomenon of male abuse of power; power as disinhibiting aphrodisiac, especially within the realm of sexuality."
Renate Bertlmann

With her provocative pieces, Bertlmann challenges the way women are held back by societal conventions. Using in her works dildos, latex penises and inflated condoms she was seizing control of "patriarchy’s gigantic, phallic arsenal" in the interests of womankind.
This year (2019) she represents Austria at the 58th Venice Biennale.