Artwork Media

Peter Doig’s painterly “Magic Realism” is inspired by everyday sceneries from artist's surroundings, by art and movies like the horror film Friday the 13th. Doig’s works evoke a mysterious world of its own, which the viewer can access only to a certain point. The interaction with Doig’s works brings the feeling of timelessness, which at any time could be interrupted by unexpected events. In a semi-abstract scenery of black-brown darkness painted with expressive and visible brushstrokes in front of sketchy palm trees there is a shining figure of a walking fisherman. The composition presents yet another eerie example of Doig’s work. It evokes a certain loneliness, paired with despair. Doig's fisherman is a wanderer between the worlds, transcending mysterious existence in a magical-realist world.

I try to stay away from discourses, and make it up my own way. I was asked to describe my paintings once, and I said, think of a collage.

Peter Doig