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Robert Longo

Angel's Wing (Small Version), 2013
Pigment print
Edition of 30
55,3 x 75,5 cm (21.7 x 29.7 in.)
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Let us tell you more about this edition

Known for his precise photo-realistic drawings, Robert Longo’s works border between representational and symbolic. His charcoal into thick-textured surfaces technique gives his velvety drawings deep, blackened expanses and sharply contrasting whites; his forms are at once representational and softly elusive.

“I always imagine that I want to make art that is going to kill you, whether it’s going to do it visually or physically, I’ll take either way.” — Robert Longo

"Angel’s Wing” features the artist’s signature velvety black background sharply contrasted by the white angel wings. Rendered with immense detail, the result is a sublime study of religion, culture, and aesthetics.