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Alex Katz

Black Dress (Christy), 2015
Edition of 35
203,2 x 76,2 cm (80 x 30 in.)
Signed and numbered
In mint condition| €16,000Find out more about the importance of condition checking and quality control here.

Let us tell you more about this edition

The Black Dress has been a recurrent theme in Alex Katz's work since the very beginning. The theme of the edition goes back to one of his most iconic early paintings, which is indeed titled "Black Dress" and depicts 6 different perspectives of a woman wearing a classical, Breakfast-at-Tiffany like black shift dress. This painting dates from 1960 and is owned by the Brandhorst collection in Munich. The actual composition for the edition refers to the original painting "Black dress" from 2010.

"She’s not in need of embellishment or exaggeration. She doesn’t expect to have all eyes on her, although, probably, if she carries herself proudly, she will. And that’s just the most modern and wonderful attitude anyone can have." — Calvin Klein

Christy is part of the "Black Dress" series and represents one of the most loved Katz's muse. She is Christine Turlington, the famous top model, who has been depicted several times by the artist, always as an icon of beauty and elegance. Once again here she poses leaning against a yellow background and wearing a unique style of a little black dress, looking confident, elegant, classy. She represents all that Katz wishes to depict: fashion and coolness.