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Donald Baechler

Blue Rose, 2015
101,6 x 78,1 cm (40 x 30.7 in.)
Signed and numbered
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Let us tell you more about this edition

Baechler is famous for depicting simple everyday objects that allude to the cultural symbolism of nostalgia. In his works the artist combines collage, drawing, and painting; Baechler is concerned with form and emphasizes the importance of the line and balance.

"The world of the background rarely blends into the world of the foreground." —Donald Baechler

The Rose is a prominent motive in Baechler's work. The flower's symbolism is presented with simple naïvete. The pure aesthetics of this narrative-absent flower reminiscent of childhood memories, when conscious judgments are not yet present. The background of this Blue Rose colour silkscreen is rich in fading detail while the foreground gains its definition.