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Wang Guangyi

Coca-Cola No Coke (from Rhythmical Dichotomy Portfolio), 2007-2008
Lithograph on Velin BFK Rives 300 gr
Edition of 165, plus 4 APs
120 x 80 cm (42.7 x 31.5 in)
In mint condition| €3,500Find out more about the importance of condition checking and quality control here.

Let us tell you more about this edition

"Coca-Cola No Coke" belongs to the set of twenty lithographs from "Wang Gaungyi´s "Rhytmical Dichotomy ", which comes as a limited edition of 165 rare books. By combining depictions of workers with logos of famous commercial brands, such as Coca-Cola and Rolex (“corrections” of the political slogans he had painted as a youth), in this collection of lithographs Wang Guangyi synthesized the schematic propaganda of two seemingly opposed systems.

"In fact, in China, we think of those squares like "Jiugongge" (Grid box). The "Jiugongge" is a graphic device, it can enlarge tiny things. A also, it can reduce a gigantic thing. The idolatry of Mao Zheng, the god worship of Mao Zedong, can be enlarged by the aspirations of the people towards god. I take the god worship enlarges by the people, and in drawing the squares, I reduce it into a person." —Wang Guangyi

As the art market became less and less regulated by the government, artists moved on to develop their own form of expression, rather than the government’s. This change made it possible for Wang to produce works that questioned the customary portrayal of Chairman Mao. He took images of the former leader and overlaid them with a grid of thick, black lines, substituting the normally warm reds for cold, bluish greys. He literally put up a barrier between Mao and the people, forcing viewers to take a new look at the image that had been regarded by so many as god-like.