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Robert Longo

Flag, 2013
Pigment print
Edition of 15
101,6 x 203,3 cm (40 x 80 in.)
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Let us tell you more about this edition

Executed in the monochromatic style that characterizes Robert Longo's work, "Untitled (American Flag X-5)" presents a dramatic image of a rippling American flag, its stars and stripes caught in mid-motion.

“When I draw I take it into me. I look at it, it goes into every part of my body; it comes out of me.” — Robert Longo

The flag has been a crucial motif in Longo's art, through which he explored themes relating to power, patriotism, and identity. This motif has continued with his recent display of a monumental black flag at his solo show at Petzel Gallery, New York in April 2014. Here, the flag is imbued with grandeur and intensity by Longo's composition, in which every stitch and ripple of the banner is limned with an other-worldly light.