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Alex Katz

Laura 1, 2017
Archival pigment
Edition of 100, plus 20 APs
116,8 x 77,5 cm (46 x 30.5 in.)
In mint condition
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Portraiture has been a main focus throughout Katz's seven-decade oeuvre. Depicted here is Laura Halzack, the prima ballerina of the Paul Taylor Dance Company in New York. Having met in the 1960s, though Paul Taylor; with whom Katz has collaborated on set and costume designs, the American artist has depicted Laura against a traditional chiaroscuro positioning, her on a black background emphasizing her silky face complexion, only her eyes and lips are painted and shown on profile - like an Egyptian pharaoh with sacred, magical purposes - her talent of dance.

I choose the people I portray instinctively. You have an idea and the person sort of fits it in. I am not trying to paint everyone, just people who fit what I’m trying to do.”— Alex Katz