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Wang Guangyi

Art and People (from Rhythmical Dichotomy portfolio), 2007-2008
Lithograph on Velin BFK Rives 300 gr
Edition of 165, plus 4 APs
120 x 80 cm (47.2 x 31.5 in.)
Signed and numbered
In mint condition| €1,800Find out more about the importance of condition checking and quality control here.

Let us tell you more about this edition

Wang Guangyi is best-known for his work that explores the Chinese Cultural Revolution through the lenses of propaganda - which makes him one of the most eminent representatives of the "Political Pop" movement. The Chinese artist knows how to marry a juxtaposing couple, politics with commercial ingenuity, by incorporating, manipulating and rectifying iconic images into a new visual language.

"When creating a work of art, one’s head is full of these historical considerations; an encounter with what has been and its entry into the process of rectification."


"Art and People" belongs to the set of twenty lithographs from "Wang Gaungyi´s Rhythmical Dichotomy ". This Portfolio comes as a limited edition of 165 rare books, presented in a brushed aluminium case carefully created by Wang. Each one is signed and numbered, as well as accompanied by a poem by renowned poet Fernando Arrabal.

By combining depictions of workers with logos of famous commercial brands, such as Coca-Cola and Rolex (“corrections” of the political slogans he had painted as a youth), this collection of lithographs synthesizes the schematic propaganda of two seemingly opposed systems.