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Richard Prince

New Figures (portfolio), 2014
Collage with photogravure and etching (set of 24)
Edition of 26
Each 35,5 x 27,9 cm (14 x 10.9 in.)
In excellent condition
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Richard Prince´s oeuvre is characterized by the appropriation of images referring to the booming commercialism of American culture. In the beginning, he was taking pictures of ads, divided into different imagery types, such as couples, girlfriends, cowboys etc., and developing them into rephotograph – a new form of photographic image, redone in order to answer the latest cultural or social context.

"The material I appropriate is available to anyone who cares to use it. The fact that the material has possibly been observed or unconsciously collected by person's other than myself, in effect defines its desires and threats." — Richard Prince

New Figures series by Richard Prince is based on vintage erotic photography, showing naked girls pose in black and white scenes. Prince redesigned them juxtaposing collaged sections to the most alluring fragments of these photographs. In this way he draws the attention to another type of aesthetics, emphasizing gesture, expression, and emotion. Schematic or angular distortions of the voluptuous nudes guide the eye along Prince’s idea that led him on the creation of an entirely novel picture, and subsequently, effect.