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Elger Esser

Nocturnes à Giverny, 2010
Edition of 50
21,1 x 26,4 cm (8.3 x 10.3 in.)
Signed and numbered
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Let us tell you more about this edition

Esser’s „Giverny“ Series revisits Monet’s famous garden from a different angle than what we are used to seeing. Exploring the common visual memory of this place and deconstructing it, by taking the images to a level of abstraction where the place itself becomes almost unrecognizable.

"Landscapes are like states of mind. Everyone carries a landscape within them, one they naturally idealize." —Elger Esser

Based on the larger-scale “Giverny VII”, shortly before nightfall, its warm golden-red colors evoke a romantic atmosphere. However, this atmosphere is obliterated by the level of extreme abstraction Esser takes the image to. With its extremely low skyline, barely visible through the reflection of the trees in the lake, and with the strong contrast of almost black shadows and reflections against the golden water, this image is an unsettling deconstruction of any romantic subject of the waterlily lake.