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Thomas Schütte

Paloma, 2012
Edition of 100
73,7 x 53,3 cm (29 x 21 in.)
Signed and numbered
In excellent condition
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Thomas Schütte has produced watercolor sketches of friends and acquaintances as well as numerous self-portraits. These works were often created in sequence, approaching the same subject numerous times as a means of engaging with the changing nature of the sitter. Each new approach captures a particular emotional state or specific moment in time.

"I don’t want to keep producing commodities any more; I want to build permanent things instead – things that remain." — Thomas Schütte

The portrait of Gisela is suffused with intimacy and self-disclosure, as if the quest for self-identity is doomed. Yet Schütte is a precise, even lyrical draughtsman, depicting Gisela features now with fine gossamer lines, now fluidly in vampish washes of red of the dress.