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Donald Sultan

Reds and Blacks, March 26, 2008
Edition of 50
132,1 x 193 cm (52 x 75.9 in.)
Signed, dated, and numbered
In excellent condition| €12,000
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Let us tell you more about this edition

Reds and Blacks, March 26, 2008, belongs to Sultan’s famous Flower series. The artist is credited for the revival of the still life tradition where the image is deconstructed to the basic elements, thus Sultan’s work remains both abstract and representational.

"Most of my ideas were to put imagery back into abstract painting. Some of the ones that look the most abstract are actually the most realistic." — Donald Sultan

Reds and Blacks, March 26, 2008 is a color silkscreen with enamel inks, flocking, and tar-like texture on 4-ply museum board and it represents Sultan's emblematic flowers in blue rendered against the black background. The image reveals one of the key features of Sultan’s work - the material juxtaposition- the contrast of a weighty background with ethereal shapes of the flowers. The printing technique translates the Sultan’s original paintings’ texture: linoleum, tar, flocking, plaster, tile, wood.