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David Hockney

No. 778, 17th April, 2011-2019
8-color inkjet print on cotton-fiber archival paper (iPad drawing)
Edition of 250
56 x 43,2 cm (22 x 17 in.)
Signed and numbered
In mint condition| €25,000Find out more about the importance of condition checking and quality control here.

Let us tell you more about this edition

"I love drawing on an iPad and I thought it was a terrific medium. Everything is at your fingertips and there is no cleaning up. There is a huge artistic potential and I saw a new medium. I don´t care about trends." —David Hockney

With these iPad Drawings from the series No. 751–1,000, 2019 David Hockney follows the course of the seasons through the window of his Yorkshire home. The viewer gets to experience the passage of time through the eyes of David Hockney and the use of his iPad to create the drawings.

The meticulous details are achiever through the ability to zoom in on the iPad and execute even the tiniest lines, which would be impossible to do on paper or canvas. This edition is a prime example of the British artist’s characteristic work style. While celebrating spring, new beginnings, and blossoms – Hockney brings up colour and nature into one’s home. His strokes are almost a choreographed dance, from the pink blossoms to the tiny white dots emphasizing the tips and fertility of nature, as well as the circle of life; death (the winter) revived through rebirth (spring).