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Damien Hirst

Veils (portfolio of 4), Clockwise: Nong Nooch, Kew, Ryoanji, Keukenhof, 2020
Diasec-mounted Giclée print on aluminium composite panel
Edition of 75, in matching edition number
92 x 126 cm (36.2 x 49.6 in.)
In mint condition| €90,000Find out more about the importance of condition checking and quality control here.

Let us tell you more about this edition

We are delighted to be offering the iconic Veil prints by the British artist Damien Hirst, in the most exclusive way, as a portfolio (set of 4) in matching edition number.

Revisiting his Visual Candy paintings series, which Hirst created in the 1990s, as a continuation of his fondness of colour. Hirst’s new body of work, the Veil Paintings from 2018, are gestural paintings that have been translated into limited fine-art editions. Referencing Impressionism, Pointillism, and Abstract Expressionism, in this portfolio one notices the rich and heavy impasto, as well as the brushstrokes that trace the artist’s movement on the surface.

These works share a transcendency throughout the serene colour composition and offer meditative aesthetics, reminiscent of the ones found in Rothko’s abstract expressionistic paintings.