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Alex Katz

White Roses, 2014
Edition of 50
108 x 217 cm (42.4 x 85.4 in.)
Signed and numbered
In mint condition
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Let us tell you more about this edition

“White Roses” are part of the famous flower painting series by Alex Katz. The aesthetics of flowers such as flags, tulips, and roses has been continuously explored by the artist throughout his career.

"I’m trying to get the white to the background, but when you have the strong leaves the roses become recessive, and if you lighten the leaves, the whole thing is going to look like a weak Impressionist painting. You have to figure out the balance as you go along." — Alex Katz

This composition is an exploration of the volumes and colors created by natural light, "White Roses" breathe nature, the radiant white delights the vision against the limitless blue background. Katz’s flower themes are inspired by everyday motifs and are among the most favorite subjects of the artist within the theme of nature.