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Marc Quinn

Winter Garden (portfolio), 2004
Pigment print (set of 8)
Edition of 59
Each 83,6 x 124 cm (32.9 x 48.9 in.)
Signed, numbered, and dated
In excellent condition| €16,000Find out more about the importance of condition checking and quality control here.

Let us tell you more about this edition

Winter Garden represents a portfolio of eight prints made from photographs taken by Marc Quinn. Since the 1990s Marc Quinn has been exploring the relationship between nature and beauty and the manipulation of both, developing his artistic practice through the themes of vanitas, memento mori, the suspension of the passage from life to death, and the search for eternal life and beauty.

"I remember visiting a flower market one day and noticing how all these flowers that shouldn't be available at the same time could be purchased so easily in one place because they are flown in from halfway around the world. It perfectly illustrates how human desire constantly reshapes nature's limitations." — Mark Quinn

Winter Garden portfolio is a visual inquiry into the quest for eternal beauty. The flowers, so colorful that they almost appear excessive, have a very sensual, gleaming, and fleshy surface. Frozen in time, the flowers represent a meditation on the possibility to defeat mortality.