Robert Longo


Robert Longo


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86.3 x 133.9 cm (33.9 x 52.7 in)
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About the Artwork

Longo’s drawings of massive thundering waves carry the names of well-known surfing spots and are a clear climax, pointing to an ecstatic moment of unleashed, sublime force. These waves are the romantic infiniteness which devours the individual subject and leaves it struck with its own limitations by pointing to a larger picture in which all individuality disappears in front of the ungraspable.

“The waves are things that exist at the moment of their being [...].They are at the moment of their fulfillment."

Robert Longo

The waves highlight this moment of ecstasy and explosion, so intense that time seems to slow down until it actually freezes. Their names give them an individual and emotional context which transforms their unbearable force into a fascination and a moment of subjective admiration and sublimation.

About the Artist

Weng Contemporary Longo Signature

Robert Longo (born 1953, in Brooklyn, New York) had a childhood fascination with mass media: movies, television, magazines and comic books, which continue to deeply influence his art. One of the quintessential artists of the 1980s, Longo is perhaps best known for the writhing, dancing figures in his iconic Men in the Cities series.

About the printing Technique

Weng Contemporary Pigment

The term "pigment print" is used generally for any type of printed image that uses strictly pigments. Pigments can be either on a mineral basis or they can be an artificial product. The image stability of pigment printing is superior to that of any other method of printing.