Donald Sultan

Big Blue, Sept 10, 2014

Donald Sultan

Big Blue, Sept 10, 2014

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153.0 x 153.0 cm (60.2 x 60.2 in)
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About the Artwork

Big Blue, Sept 10, 2014 belongs to Sultan’s famous Flower series. The artist is credited for the revival of the still life tradition where the image is deconstructed to the basic elements, thus Sultan’s work remains both abstract and representational.

"[...] Heavy structure, holding fragile meaning with the ability to turn you off and turn you on at the same time."

Donald Sultan

Big Blue, Sept 10, 2014 is a color silkscreen with enamel inks and tar-like texture on 4-ply museum board, it represents Sultan's emblematic poppies rendered against black background. The image reveals one of the key features of Sultan’s work - the material juxtaposition- the contrast of a weighty background with ethereal shapes of the flowers. The printing technique translates the Sultan’s original paintings’ texture: linoleum, tar, flocking, plaster, tile, wood.

About the Artist


Donald Sultan (born 1951, Asheville, US) is a distinguished painter, sculptor, and printmaker, who rose to prominence in the late 1970s as part of the “New Image” movement. He is best known for the use of abstracted, geometric black forms against organic areas of bright color.

About the printing Technique


Silkscreen is the process of using a mesh-based stencil to apply ink onto a substrate, the technique is also known as the screen print.