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Ai Weiwei Bombs 2019 Weng Contemporary offset lithograph edition scale size ready for website


Ai Weiwei


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Offset lithograph
182,9 x 121,9 cm (72 x 48 in.)
Edition Size:
500, plus 50 APs
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About the Artwork

Fifty bombs of 3D rendering of conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction, Bombs, 2019 is the latest in a series of artworks by Ai Weiwei that addresses critical global conditions, including political conflicts and war, that have resulted in massive casualties and the displacement of more than 70 million refugees.

"I think China is my readymade. I think the political situation is my readymade. The refugee condition. I am not a person who has a clear plan. I flow just like a leaf in the river. Once you see so many people so unfortunate, then you start to look at the different levels. Who put them in that condition? Who made all those civil wars? Who has benefitted from those wars? A very unnatural act to have a war. Wittgenstein, the philosopher, once said "the meaning is the usage". So human society designs bombs for their usage. They have a super technical function. But it shows deeply about our society, who we are. I sometimes am extremely serious, but at the same time, I am laughing about it. I have to function both ways. Otherwise, you're not going to survive"
-Ai Weiwei

About the Artist

Ai Weiwei Weng Contemporary

The Chinese artist is one of the most celebrated contemporary artists in the East and West, a global citizen who calls for political investigation within his wide practice. Ai Weiwei investigates and questions institutions and regimes at the core of his work, he measures our existence in relation to economic, political, and social forces, while his practice is rooted in Chinese tradition he executes within a contemporary and conceptual creativity.

About the printing Technique

Weng Contemporary Lithography

Lithography literally means “stone drawing". This type of print is typically made by drawing or painting onto the surface of a limestone using a greasy crayon or liquid wash and is best known for its flat painterly surface.