Peter Doig

Canoe - Island

Peter Doig

Canoe - Island

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74 x 100 cm (29.1 x 39.3 in.)
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About the Artwork

One can find a number of Peter Doig’s iconic motifs in Canoe Island: the long canoe with its simple shape inspired by the popular film "Friday the 13th", nature and exoticism with the image of an offshore island near Trinidad, a vague human form with the mysterious Christ-like and hippyesque silhouette of the rock star Berry Oakley.

"A sense of being attached to the earth, but only just, like in a dream."

Peter Doig

In this composition face remains deliberately unclear - the emphasis is on the dark water. An oneiric feeling emanates from this landscape, the solitary traveler in a pink canoe is apparently a castaway near a tropical island seen against a magical sky at sunset. Doig's art has a strong existential quality akin to Edward Munch, which comes as a reflection to his personal nomadic experience that lead him to questions such as "Why am I here?".

About the Artist

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One of the most renowned contemporary artists, Peter Doig (1959, Scotland) was the central figure in the revival of painting in the contemporary art scene during the 90's. At present his oneiric landscapes are highly sought after by the world leading collectors and museums.

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