Damien Hirst


Damien Hirst


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Silkscreen with bronze glitter
Edition Size:
97,9 x 75,9 cm (38.5 x 29.8 in)
Signed and numbered

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About the Artwork

Joyous and alluring, this glittering spot variation shows versatility of these signature series.
The shimmering and playful composition radiates delight and also celebrates Damien Hirst’s thirst for experimenting with the latest techniques of print making. Spot prints are inspired by the series of Spot paintings which are considered one of the most important series within the artist's ouevre.

"The spot paintings are definitely Conceptual art. There’s an optimism to them which is amazing. They never look tired."

Damien Hirst

The texture of this metallic Spot print is juxtaposed with the opaque, pure colours of the print. It is in these series, according to Hirst, he discovered one of the most fundemental things in art - the harmony of where colour can exist on its own, interacting with other colours in a perfect format.

About the Artist

Hirst Sig

Damien Hirst (1965, Bristol, UK) is a leading artist of the YBA (Young British Artist) generation. He is widely regarded as one of the most important artists working today, creating truly iconic artworks.

About the printing Technique


Silkscreen is the process of using a mesh-based stencil to apply ink onto a substrate, the technique is also known as the screen print.