Joan Mitchell

Champs (Black, Grey and Green)

Joan Mitchell

Champs (Black, Grey and Green)

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76.2 x 55.9 cm (30.0 x 22.0 in)
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About the Artwork

The highly expressive works of Joan Mitchell explore the notion of space and the way colours interact with each other. Champs, the French word for fields, presents the large horizontal swathes of color at the center of the canvas. The various permutations of green, grey and black at first seems to retain their integrity, yet then these seem to merge and blend together as if they were rolling fields stretching out toward the horizon.

“My paintings aren’t about art issues. They’re about a feeling that comes to me from the outside, from landscape…The painting is just a surface to be covered. Paintings aren’t about the person who makes them, either. My paintings have to do with feelings.”

Joan Mitchell

Champs expertly highlights Mitchell’s distinctive technique: expansive and thick horizontal strokes combine with expressionistic twists and bursts of energy, and precise calligraphic marks. The effect is awe-inspiring as it invites the viewer to immerse in the emotional depth of the composition.

About the Artist

Weng Contemporary Mitchell Trees Black Grey Green Artists Artwork Signature Shot

Joan Mitchell (1925–1992) was one of the most significant painters to emerge from Abstract Expressionism, a movement in American art of the mid-twentieth century which includes few female proponents.

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Lithography literally means “stone drawing". This type of print is typically made by drawing or painting onto the surface of a limestone using a greasy crayon or liquid wash and is best known for its flat painterly surface.