Alex Katz


Alex Katz


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152.3 x 126.9 cm (59.9 x 49.9 in)
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About the Artwork

This subtle portrait represents Christine Turlington, the famous top model, who is also the artist's muse. Along with Christine Tarlington and Kate Moss, Alex Katz has collaborated with famous figures from fashion and cinema to produce a series of fashion images.

"I've always been interested in fashion because it's ephemeral."

Alex Katz

Katz worked on a fashion campaign with the model for her own line Nuala, which resulted in the production of the set of illustrations. Christy Turlington has appeared in artist's work on various occasions and continues to inspire the artist. Through the fashion portraits Alex Katz explores the theme of fashion and glamour and continues his quest to celebrate style as content.

About the Artist

Weng Contemporary Katz Artists Signature Shot

Alex Katz (born 1927, New York, USA) is the outstanding protagonist of figurative painting, and one of the most influential international artists. During 1980s Alex Katz was considered to be one of the founders of the Pop Art movement, nevertheless he pursued developing his own independant style.

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Silkscreen is the process of using a mesh-based stencil to apply ink onto a substrate, the technique is also known as the screen print.