Peter Doig

Country rock (from 100 years ago)

Peter Doig

Country rock (from 100 years ago)

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Color Etching
Edition Size:
93.4 x 121 cm (36.7 x 47.6 in)
Signed and numbered

About the Artwork

Nostalgic and yet familiar, Country-rock is distinctly Doig. The view from the passenger seat on a car of the rainbow tunnel off the Don Valley Parkway, or DVP, is a trademark for every Toronto resident.

"A lot of the paintings portray a sense of optimism that can often be read as being a little desperate, like the image of a rainbow painted around the entrance to an underpass”

Peter Doig

The etching refers to the painting Country-rock (wing-mirror), painted in 1999, which is one of Peter Doig’s most recognizable works. Its characteristics of memory, dreamy landscape, and timeless definitely are part of the artist visual code.

About the Artist

Weng Contemporary Peterdoig Signature

One of the most renowned contemporary artists, Peter Doig (1959, Scotland) was the central figure in the revival of painting in the contemporary art scene during the 90's. At present his oneiric landscapes are highly sought after by the world leading collectors and museums.

About the printing Technique

Weng Contemporary Etching

Artists from Rembrandt to Picasso have used etching to create some of their most famous works. Etching has often been combined with other intaglio techniques such as engraving or aquatint.