Robert Longo

Ivy Mike

Robert Longo

Ivy Mike

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Pigment Print
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113.9 x 86.4 cm (44.8 x 34.0 in)
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About the Artwork

Robert Longo continues to explore the potential of his crisp, breath-taking style, particularly through imagery of powerful figures and events. In Ivy Mike, the blackness of a calm sea reflects the blast of a massive nuclear explosion. Here the artist explores an object of fascination and control by depicting the induced event – sublime and atrocious at once – in minute detail.

”I stumbled on the bombs. I remember showing my kids a picture of Nagasaki, and I asked them what it was. They thought it was a weather effect.”

Robert Longo

Part of "The Sickness of Reason" series, this powerful asrtwork concentrates the essence of an uncontrollable and dangerous nature, capturing the tension encapsulated in one of the most complicated and emotionally charged subjects of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: nuclear weapons.

About the Artist

Weng Contemporary Longo Signature

Robert Longo (born 1953, in Brooklyn, New York) had a childhood fascination with mass media: movies, television, magazines and comic books, which continue to deeply influence his art. One of the quintessential artists of the 1980s, Longo is perhaps best known for the writhing, dancing figures in his iconic Men in the Cities series.

About the printing Technique

Weng Contemporary Pigment

The term "pigment print" is used generally for any type of printed image that uses strictly pigments. Pigments can be either on a mineral basis or they can be an artificial product. The image stability of pigment printing is superior to that of any other method of printing.