Andy Warhol

Silver Marilyn

Andy Warhol

Silver Marilyn

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Handmade carpet
Edition Size:
150 x 150 cm (59 x 59 in.)
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About the Artwork

As a golden legend of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe held particular fascination for Andy Warhol. Her suicide on August 5, 1962 struck a personal chord and precipitated a commemorative series that isolated her beautiful and henceforth elusive visage against variously colored backdrops. In the increasingly secular 1960s, Warhol was quick to recognize that movie stars had replaced the religious figures of his childhood, as the idols which the population at large chose to worship.

"I just see Monroe as just another person. As for whether it's symbolical to paint Monroe in such violent colors: it's beauty, and she's beautiful and if something's beautiful it's pretty colors, that's all. "

Andy Wahrol

Andy Wahrol worked with tapestry in his life as works were presented by Charles Slatkin Galleries in 1968 as part of the American Tapestries exhibition, in which the gallery invited a group of contemporary artists to submit designs for tapestries. Warhol gave Marilyn design, which was hand woven into a woollen tapestry for the exhibition. This tapestry of Silver Marylin follows this tradition and it is particularly compelling because its pared-down palette of on the tone of silver refers not only to Warhol's earlier creations, as well as his interest in black and white cinematography, but also to the broader tradition of radical experiments in the history of abstraction.

About the Artist

Andy Warhol art edition Weng Contemporary

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was an American artist, a leading figure of the Pop Art movement. ​Using a variety of media materials from photographs up to computer-generated art, Warhol's works explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity, culture and advertisement that flourished by the 1960s.

About the printing Technique

Weng Contemporary Tapestry

Tapestry is the term that describes a range of textiles, including needlepoint and certain mechanically woven, ribbed fabrics, but historically and technically it designates a figurative weft-faced textile woven by hand on a loom.