Damien Hirst

Memento - Orange Big Butterfly

Damien Hirst

Memento - Orange Big Butterfly

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Color Etching with Aquatint on Vellum
Edition Size:
92.5 x 85 cm. (36.4 x 33.5 in.)

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About the Artwork

The animal kingdom has always been a source of inspiration for Damien Hirst, and this large scale etching of an orange butterfly on black background is another such example. This print establishes a powerful visual tension between the frailty and exquisite color of the butterfly, and the somewhat drab, industrial color of the gloss background on which it is fastened. The effect is poetic: the sense of a tiny life arrested, and of a transient, short lived beauty.

"I love their repetition in my collection, it’s just the same question asked again and again and again in slightly different ways. It’s life’s ultimate questions: why, where, what, how? They transcend time and space and location."

Damien Hirst

Hirst, taking all signs of life from the butterfly that instead looks like a piece from a collection in a wunderkammer, provokes the viewer to think about fundamental questions concerning the meaning of life, death and the fragility of biological existence.

About the Artist

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Damien Hirst (1965, Bristol, UK) is a leading artist of the YBA (Young British Artist) generation. He is widely regarded as one of the most important artists working today, creating truly iconic artworks.