Ai Weiwei

The Papercut Portfolio

Ai Weiwei

The Papercut Portfolio

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Papercuts in clothbound clamshell box (set of 8)
Edition Size:
Each 60 x 60 cm (23.7 × 23.7 in.)

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About the Artwork

You can watch our extensive video on each of the Papercuts, where our Managing Director; Giorgia Zardetto, guides you through each work; New York, Cats and Dogs, Map of China, Furniture, Haircut, Citizen Investigation, River Crabs, and Zodiac.

In Ai´s Papercut Portfolio of 8 prints, the Chinese artist reflects on his life and work through the Chinese art of papercutting. Each of the eight pieces is meticulously cut in large-format, brightly red-colored fine-art paper, representing a turning moment within the artist’s iconic oeuvre: from his permanence in New York in the ’80s, his exploration of the traditional Chinese crafts in Beijing in the ’90s, to the political activism of his most recent production

“I think there is a responsibility for any artist to protect freedom of expression.”
—Ai Weiwei

Each papercut is signed by the artist and collected in a portfolio accompanied by explanatory notes by Chin-Chin Yap, who has extensively worked with Ai Weiwei, most recently as a writer and co-producer on several films. Through these eight pieces, the artist offers a beautiful, personal retrospective in a unique format.

About the Artist

Ai Weiwei Weng Contemporary

The Chinese artist is one of the most celebrated contemporary artists in the East and West, a global citizen who calls for political investigation within his wide practice. Ai Weiwei investigates and questions institutions and regimes at the core of his work, he measures our existence in relation to economic, political, and social forces, while his practice is rooted in Chinese tradition he executes within a contemporary and conceptual creativity.

About the printing Technique

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