Damien Hirst


Damien Hirst


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Color Etching
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91.5 x 71.0 cm (36.0 x 27.9 in)

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About the Artwork

Round comes from portfolio of twenty-three etchings “In a Spin: The Action of the World on Things, Volume I” - Hirst’s first attempt to transform his concept of spin drawings and paintings into the print medium. Most of the etchings in the series have musical reference.

"I need to communicate the here and now. I realised that you couldn't use the tools of yesterday to communicate today's world."

Damien Hirst

In “In a Spin: The Action of the World on Things, Volume I” Hirst took the etching medium to its limits: in order to create the spin sketches, the etching copper plates had to be fixed to the spin machine which then rotated at high speeds, forcing the sharp scratching tool to perform random movements. The etchings from the series represent a certain dynamism typical to Hirst's "spins". Round mediates energy and lures to its circular symmetry with bright yellows, tangerine and purples, the contrasts that are coexisting in a beautiful harmony invite to a synesthetical contemplation.

About the Artist

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Damien Hirst (1965, Bristol, UK) is a leading artist of the YBA (Young British Artist) generation. He is widely regarded as one of the most important artists working today, creating truly iconic artworks.

About the printing Technique

Weng Contemporary Etching

Artists from Rembrandt to Picasso have used etching to create some of their most famous works. Etching has often been combined with other intaglio techniques such as engraving or aquatint.