Anish Kapoor

Shadow II

Anish Kapoor

Shadow II

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Etching (Portfolio of 9)
Edition Size:
49 x 65 cm (19 5/16 x 25 9/16 in)
Each print signed by the artist and numbered on the reverse

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About the Artwork

Anish Kapoor’s art is always striking, his pieces delivering a captivating experience. In this series of Shadow prints, as in his monumental sculptures, Anish Kapoor puts the relationship between conflicting energies at the center of his creation. His sculptures appear solid and intangible, dark and light, empty and full. In these print series Kapoor is engaging the same dichotomies but on a two dimensional surface.

"It's a space of becoming… 'something' that dwells in the presence of the work… that allows it or forces it not to be what it states it is in the first instance."

Anish Kapoor

A colour of intense depth gradually focuses into a bright luminous white in the centre of the prints; absorbed by the vacuum at the center, the viewer is drawn into a breath-taking visual experience. These prints possess a three-dimensional quality, which is reminiscent of Kapoor's sculpture. The viewer is constantly pulled back and forth between pure color and bright white as if pulled into some vortex.

About the Artist

Kapoor Sig

Born in India, Anish Kapoor has lived in England since the 1970's. From 1973 he studied in London at the Hornsey College of Art, before going on to the Chelsea School of Art. After spending some time in India in 1979, he gained recognition on the international scene from the early 1980's.