Marc Quinn

Six Moments of Sunrise

Marc Quinn

Six Moments of Sunrise

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Etching (Portfolio of 6)
Edition Size:
52.0 x 70.0 cm (20.4 x 27.5 in) each
Signed, dated and numbered

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About the Artwork

This set of six color etchings, each signed, dated and numbered are initiated by renowned art collector and publisher Charles Booth-Clibborn and Paragon Press. The full title of this work is ‘Six Moments of Sunrise on the Ganges Delta’. But the depicted species are not all originated from the Ganges Delta. For his flower pieces, Quinn makes various flower installations, selecting a wide range of species from different continents that would usually never bloom at the same time - here mixing exotic flowers with red berries and blue orchids. The flowers are preserved in perfect bloom by being plunged into sub-zero silicone. He intentionally accentuates the voluptuous nature of the plants and flowers:

"I wanted to make pictures that are celebratory and a beautiful mix of colour."

Marc Quinn

Quinn’s flower prints explore two persisting leitmotifs of his work – beauty and death. They investigate beauty, both as it manifests itself in the natural world through flowers, and how it is mediated through human intervention.

About the Artist

Quinn Sig

The artist Marc Quinn (born 1964, London) is one of the foremost representatives of the contemporary British art scene. His work focuses mainly on ageing and mortality, the beauty and strangeness of the human body, the play between art and science.

About the printing Technique

Weng Contemporary Etching

Artists from Rembrandt to Picasso have used etching to create some of their most famous works. Etching has often been combined with other intaglio techniques such as engraving or aquatint.