Yves Klein

Table Rose

Yves Klein

Table Rose

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Pink Pigment, Glass, Plexiglass, Wood and Steel
36.2 x 125.1 x 99.7 cm (14.25 x 49.25 x 39.25 in)
Signed and numbered

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About the Artwork

Probably best known for his signature shade of blue and for the monochrome paintings he created, Yves Klein also made a foray into the world of furniture design. This iconic table is from an edition that was begun in 1963 under the supervision of Yves Klein’s widow, Rotraut Klein-Moquay, based on a model he designed in 1961.

"It was in 1947 that the idea of a conscious monochrome vision came to me. … …Pure, existential space was regularly winking at me, each time in a more impressive manner, and this sensation of total freedom attracted me so powerfully"

Yves Klein

Klein designed the table in three different versions: Klein Blue (IKB) pigment, rose pigment (Monopink/MP), as well as gold/yellow (Monogold/MG). Table Rose is a Perspex-and-glass table filled with Rose pigment. The form of the table is very simple, very elegant, and meant really to disappear, built as it is of plexiglass with a glass top. The pigment is all.

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About the Artist

Weng Contemporary Klein Table Bleu Artists Signature Shot

With no formal artistic training, Yves Klein (1928 - 1962) became one of the pioneers of performance, minimal and pop art. In the mid-1950s Klein first exhibited his monochrome paintings in which a canvas was uniformly covered in a single color. His patented shade of blue became Klein's signature color that remains highly acclaimed internaitonally.

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Innovations and developments in classical printing techniques have allowed artists to create limited Editions also in three dimensional shapes.