Alex Katz


Alex Katz


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Woodcut (Portfolio of 3)
Edition Size:
each 118,7 x 95,7 cm (46.7 x 37.6 in)
Signed and numbered

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About the Artwork

“Twilight” by Alex Katz is a portfolio of three woodcut prints, each representing a study of various points in time during the natural phenomena that precedes the beginning of the new day.

“From photography I can’t get any colors and I can’t get the light I’m interested in, I want to go into areas where no one’s been in terms of time: at twilight, you get ten or fifteen minutes”.

Alex Katz

While Alex Katz is best known for his portrait series, his landscapes are a significant part of his work. Katz’s profound interest in nature is reflected in this detailed study of light, each time capturing a brief moment in nature when the sun has not yet reached the horizon. The woodcut medium highlights the natural grains of the wood aiding to the atmosphere of natural beauty.

About the Artist

Weng Contemporary Katz Artists Signature Shot

Alex Katz (born 1927, New York, USA) is the outstanding protagonist of figurative painting, and one of the most influential international artists. During 1980s Alex Katz was considered to be one of the founders of the Pop Art movement, nevertheless he pursued developing his own independant style.

About the printing Technique

Weng Contemporary Woodcut

Woodcut (also known as xylography) is the oldest system of engraving, and refers to engravings made on wood.