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Gary Hume

Gary Hume (born 1962, England) emerged in the early ‘nineties as one of the foremost figures on the YBA (Young British Artists) scene, notably with his involvement in the exhibitions “Brilliant!” and “Sensations”. A graduate of Goldsmiths College in 1988, he had a joint show with Damien Hirst, was supported by Charles Saatchi, nominated for the Turner Prize in 1996, and represented the United Kingdom at the Venice Biennale in 1999. Hume was admitted to the Royal Academy in 2001. Immediately recognizable for the gloss painting technique that he has made his own, Gary Hume was originally known for his series of “Doors” paintings. Despite the international success of these hospital doors coated in gloss on panel, which were as much minimalist as abstract art, Hume abandoned this series to concentrate on more figurative work. Working around grand motifs from art history such as the nude, the portrait, still-life compositions, and flowers, or themes connected to the world of childhood, Hume created his own, distinct iconography. With this collection that he has been cultivating for twenty years, ideas of structure, surface, and colour can be linked to the Pop Art tradition, as a reflection on celebrity figures (Michael Jackson and Kate Moss) and on contemporary American culture (as with his series on the figure of the American Cheerleader).

“ Take your time with my work, and you’ll get more from it. „

Gary Hume

Gary Hume's
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Two Roses



Sold Out

American Tan