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Weng Contemporary opens the doors to its new showroom

“Each room has a different vibe, a different colour palette, (…) its own soul.„

— Comment of B.D., one of the guests

Known for its exclusive selection of contemporary artworks, art and investment advisory, the Weng Contemporary brand has experienced a thrilling momentum characterised by the consolidation of its team and the opening of its new showroom in the charming Old Town of the city of Zug.  

The inauguration was held in Aegeristrasse’s beautiful historic villa - the brand new Weng Contemporary showroom venue - and accommodated more than 50 guests, who were invited to stroll around the several exhibition rooms while enjoying an aperitivo. 

The cheerful and sophisticated atmosphere was enhanced by drinks, amuse-bouche and upbeat lounge music by a local DJ and contributed to a relaxed yet sophisticated networking dynamic. Attendees took advantage of the lively experience to rate the exhibited artworks, ask questions about incoming projects and enjoy the crisp autumn weather on the outside terrace. 

The inauguration of the showroom marks the beginning of a new era for Weng Contemporary, as it stands as a symbol of openness and encounter between people and art. With the new space now officially launched, private views, visits, networking and client-advisory sessions are organised on a weekly basis. These reunions participate in transforming the location into a creative hub where creative and driven minds work to blend frontiers between art market, design, digitalization, finance and entrepreneurship.

At the centre of this concept are in-person interactions and the opportunity to showcase the best of Weng Contemporary’s collection, together with the newest releases (many scheduled for the months to come): “L’Ours Pompon” by the Estates of Yves Klein and François Pompon and El Anatsui’s latest projects “Striped Flags” and “Metal Cloth”, among others.

“The new showroom’s design serves as a place to build virtuous interactions while showcasing an exclusive curated collection of contemporary art.„

— Anna Rouveure, Managing Director

With a lot of exciting new projects and partnerships being kicked-off, Weng Contemporary is now in its riveting, eager phase, whereby the desire to evolve and innovate blends with the willingness to offer an exclusive luxury art experience. For this reason, various marketing and advisory initiatives are being implemented so as to arrange a personalised, high-end yet accessible service; the team is always available to provide art advisory, discuss fruitful partnerships possibilities and exchange with press associates. 

Weng Contemporary wants to thank all the guests and partners that, by participating in the showroom opening, contributed to its lively and pleasant feeling. There will be soon another occasion to celebrate the latest releases and accomplishments!


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