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Marina Abramović

Serbian artist Marina Abramović (b. 1946) is widely known for her use of the female body, adopted both as a subject and a vehicle. Since the early 1970s, the artist has been especially committed to performance art, which gives her the possibility to use her body as an artistic and spiritual means to explore physical and emotional boundaries. Abramović began creating performance art when this form of art was still emerging in Europe. She declared that the experience of growing under a Communist dictatorship and the strict implementations set by her mother gave her the inspiration for such works. In her works, Marina Abramović wants to push the limits of the body and the mind exploring the connection between the artist the audience.

“ I understood that…I could make art with everything…and the most important [thing] is the concept. This was the beginning of my performance art. And the first time I put my body in front of [an] audience, I understood: this is my media. „

Marina Abramović