Nate Lowman

American artist Nate Lowman (b.1979) is renowned for his works inspired by history, news, and media. The artist typically extrapolates visuals from these sources to create a diversified body of collages, paintings, installations, prints, and sculptures. Since the 2000s, Lowman has been stretching the limits of language turning images into political, poetic, and humorous statements. His art investigates themes related to violence, celebrity as well as obsession. Lowman employs a wide array of media in his art: he often incorporates found objects and signs, exhibited cars and gas pumps, and hung his works salon-style, filling gallery walls with canvases of various shapes and sizes. With his art, he aims to express the political intention of never letting a context neutralize the image that reflects it.

“ A lot of the images I use are already out there in the public or in the news, I just steal them or photograph them or repaint them, so they've already been talked about, already been consumed. „

Nate Lowman

Nate Lowman's
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Human Traffic, South America A.K.A The Last Supper For Art & Language