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When purchasing an artwork, it is important to be made aware of its condition. This is crucial as it affects its price and value. Here, at Weng Contemporary we inspect every single artwork and edition number as well as indicate its current state if this has been affected. After each inspection if an artwork has any condition issues a condition report has been made, where it records every remark of the artwork in a detailed narrative manner with indicated pictures, specified the location and affect.

Each condition report lists the full work description of the artwork, as well as whether this has been signed, stamped, numbered, titled and/or dated.

Mint condition states that the artwork has never been presented to anybody externally or even framed for display. The work is in a pristine condition, as originally created and left the manufacture or artist studio.

Excellent condition means that it has been opened for a viewing but the artwork does not have any visual wear or condition to be noted.

Very Good condition means that the artwork has minimal and very fine wear, perhaps a fine crease on the edge of the paper or it has been restored and coming from the restorer.

Good condition states that the edition is in presentable condition, some restoration work might have happened to correct any issues the work might have had. This is still a work that can be enjoyed and acquired and sustain its retail value as purchased.

All works, even those listed as being in mint condition have been inspected prior being uploaded on the website. Do note that we pride ourselves in offering the best quality artworks, this is why no artworks that are in fair or poor conditions are offered by us.

A condition report is only provided for works that are in Very Good condition or Good condition as those indicate where a wear is indicated and the purchaser needs to review in order to proceed with the acquisition.

Questions, or require more information? Send us a message via our Live Assistance button, a WhatsApp message or an email and we will get back to you shortly!

…and happy acquisitions! 😊

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