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D1-5 Alpinist Night-Peter Doig-1

Marking Peter Doig’s first return to snowscapes since the 1990’s, The ‘Zermatt’ collection are six limited-edition Giclee prints on Cotton Smooth Rag. The artists first thematic group of works, conceived in 2018 when Doig’s friend Swiss architect and artist Heinz Julen offered Doig his chalet in the idyllic ski town as a prompt to paint the scenes surrounding. Inspired conceptually by ski posters designed to attract tourism to the mountains. Characteristics of dynamic skiers in majestic snow covered landscapes, simple yet dynamic and attractive, evoking Doig to produce his own series of painted posters. Solely relying on his memory to produce the images based on his experiences in Zermatt, Doig focused on a range of inspirations – Zermatt’s strong religious tradition and the danger of it’s landscapes, memories of skiing and the slopes. Additionally, his view of the resort town was influenced by Derek Walcott’s descriptions of Zermatt in his series of poems ‘Prodigal’ 2006. The six ‘Zermatt’ paintings believed by Doig to be the most ‘poster-like’ in size and appearance have been translated into prints.

“ Painting becomes interesting when it becomes timeless. „

Peter Doig