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Xylene Cyanol Dye Solution-Damien Hirst-1

Damien Hirst has been focussing on developing his passion for colour in the iconic Spot Paintings series since 1986. These paintings and prints are created from lines of coloured spots that repeat the same pattern: spots of every different shade are mathematically aligned, their diameter equal to the distance between each spot. Resembling candy sweets, round as a pill, the repetitive motif can prove disturbing; a feeling enhanced by the scientific titles. Existing in the majority of cultures, Hirst has used this basic geometric form as the focus of his work to infinite variation: from very tiny (1 millimeter: 1x1/2 inch) to enormous (1m 50: 60 inches), from a single dot to a multitude (some as many as 25 781 spots, with no repetition of colour). Hirst's famous Spot paintings and prints bear the names of various chemical elements, pharmaceutical products or names of species in Latin. Xylene Cyanol Dye Solution is an anti depressants. Ironically, Hirst’s insistence of denying emotion in his work is reinforced by his working method, which depends on assistants to carry out his ideas and instructions.

“ Art is always very simple, or good art is always very simple. „

Damien Hirst