Artwork Media

Part of Gharem's Restored Behaviour series of 'Stamp Paintings', In Transit depicts a plane taking off, completely overpainted by a pattern of ornamental Islamic rubber stamps. Those rubber stamp letters are both references to the rubber stamp Gharem uses in his everyday work as Lieutenant to stamp security documents, as to the bureaucracy that is implicated by the use of the rubber stamp. While the plane usually is an image for mobility and globalization, Gharem shows that in his version (which symbolizes the Saudi Arabian situation in a post 9/11 era), any mobility and flexibility is impedited by a bureaucracy which overcasts spontaneous decisions. In Transit is a reference to Gharem’s earlier work The Path (Al Siraat). The main question presented, shall we, as individuals, as cultures, as societies, follow a straight path and whether we rely on a path at all? The initial stamp painting has been part of the "Restored Behaviour" solo exhibition at XVA Gallery, Dubai in 2010.

I have no studio so my studio is where I can find people. When I see the opportunity I go. That is my way of thinking about art.

Abdulnasser Gharem