Artwork Media

Part of Gharem's Restored Behaviour series of 'Stamp Paintings', Man at work depicts four silhouettes of men wearing army uniforms and a signal traffic of people working, completely over painted by a pattern of ornamental Islamic rubber stamps. Those rubber stamp letters are both references to the rubber stamp Gharem uses in his everyday work to stamp security documents, as to the bureaucracy that is implicated by the use of the rubber stamp. As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Saudi Army, themes of control and authority can be felt in this art work, Gharem presents conceptual work that not only references heritage, but is also politically and socially astute.

I think the bureaucracy is one of the most important reasons who create that huge gap between the two generations. So I'm putting that as an artwork which will become a kind of platform where the people can come and start to talk about it again.

Abdulnasser Gharem