Evolution of Man (Portfolio of 5)-Ahmed Mater-1

The artwork describes the evolution of man after oil was discovered in the deserts of Saudi Arabia which led to a flood of “Petrodollars” into the, until then underdeveloped Kingdom. But what was the money used for? It was used to build cities; it was used to build up the conservative machinery of power and it made a very small percentage of the population extremely rich. With the excessive wealth entering the country, greed and inequalities started to play a dominant role in Saudi Arabia, which probably supported the extremist’s movement. “The constant desire for more is depleting whatever is left of our limited resources, not only the material ones but our emotional reserves as well.” (AHMED AL-OMRAN, WALL STREET JOURNAL). Using X-Rays means for Mater to combine his main passions – that of a medical doctor and that of an artist and a Muslim: the X-ray enables an exciting transparency. The viewer can go under the flesh to explore the essence and feelings behind the facade. Although to commit suicide is forbidden by Islam, it does not stop Muslims from killing themselves. The nature of the depicted evolution is ambiguous. Sometimes, the evolution can lead to one’s demise.

“ I am a doctor and confront life and death every day, and I am a countryman and at the same time. I am the son of this strange, scary oil civilization. In ten years our lives changed completely. For me, it is a drastic change that I experience every day. „

Ahmed Mater