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Bombs-Ai Weiwei-1

Fifty bombs of 3D rendering of conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction, Bombs, 2019 by Ai Weiwei addresses critical global conditions, including political conflicts and war, that have resulted in massive casualties and the displacement of more than 70 million refugees. Ai Weiwei has said: "I think China is my readymade. I think the political situation is my readymade. The refugee condition. I am not a person who has a clear plan. I flow just like a leaf in the river. Once you see so many people so unfortunate, then you start to look at the different levels. Who put them in that condition? Who made all those civil wars? Who has benefitted from those wars? A very unnatural act to have a war. Wittgenstein, the philosopher, once said "the meaning is the usage". So human society designs bombs for their usage. They have a super technical function. But it shows deeply about our society, who we are. I sometimes am extremely serious, but at the same time, I am laughing about it. I have to function both ways. Otherwise, you're not going to survive."