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Study of Perspective in Glass (Alexandrite)-Ai Weiwei-1

Ai Weiwei’s middle finger has been a recurrent theme in the artist production. His photographic series, Study of Perspective (from 1995 onwards), encourages questioning towards governments, institutions and establishments. Ai’s middle finger in flipping of the bird gesture in front of symbols of power across the globe, from the Tiananmen Square to the White House, makes explicit the artist’s rejection of any form of oppression against human freedom. With a raise of his middle finger, Weiwei champions the social responsibility and the importance of standing for our own values and not those created by others. This precious edition of 100 Study of Perspective in Glass (2019) in six different colours nods to the series Study of Perspective, pointing out to the artist’s deepest beliefs regarding freedom of speech and democratic values. The translation in Murano glass of the iconic Ai Weiwei’s middle finger in six different colours, is powerful and yet elegant. The sculptures, made out from the artist´s own hand cast, embody the deep and engaged message of Study of Perspective series in an edition of precious material and superlative craftsmanship: the innate light and airy qualities of the glass melt with the sturdiness of the design producing a rare effect of beauty and mystic power. This hand in Alexandrite colour has the characteristic of changing colour with different lights, passing from light violet to light blue.

“ You’re living at somebody else’s cost, and it’s immoral by not bearing your responsibility. „

Ai Weiwei