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Wo ist die Revolution-Ai Weiwei-1

Ai Weiwei is an artist that plays with the idea of power of culture and how art can transform people´s lives. With this in mind, Wo ist die Revolution? was created for Ai´s exhibition at the Kunstsammlung Nordheim-Westfalen to revisit art history in our current turbulent age. Stepping into a brisk stride as Joseph Beuys did almost half a century ago with La Rivoluzione Noi, 1972, as the title translates as ´We are the Revolution´. The edition is based on the artists´ life-size proportions, as both artists are depicted striding confidently towards the viewer, as if ready to dynamically step out of the image, in a confrontational way but also encouraging the viewer to join them towards a revolution. Ai is the most exhibited artist in the world, who focuses a lot of time on conducting research, archiving and as he says ´involve in reality and documentary films. For me art is light. Everything is art, everything politics.´

“ I wouldn't say that the street is a good place to do the revolution. But when you have no other place (then) the street a good place, the shopping mall is a good place, the subway is a good place, the airport is a good place. Whenever human goes is a good place, because our mind is a good place and we can go anywhere to do the revolution. „

Ai Weiwei