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Yellow tulips-Alex Katz-1

“Yellow Tulips” is part of the famous flower painting series by Alex Katz. The aesthetics of flowers such as flags, tulips, and roses has been continuously explored by the artist throughout his career. Katz has been painting flowers since the 1960s, often during his summer residencies in Maine. The cropped, flattened composition displays a debt to Japanese woodblock art printing. The American artist is well-known for his large paintings, whose bold simplicity and unmodulated colours are now seen as precursors of Pop Art. "Yellow Tulips" is another of Katz's wonderfully bright exploration of the nature and the landscape. He represents the volumes and colors created by the natural light, this artwork breathes nature, the radiant yellow delights the vision against the limitless black background. The painting “Tulips 4” which this edition is based on belongs to the Collection of Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

“ I generally start with oil sketches, because I can paint more quickly than I can draw. In this way I try to capture the sensation of what I’m doing, getting into the unconscious and creating the images, and then figuring out what I did. „

Alex Katz